XFP widgets

XFP widgets

Providing access to online services and exposing them to customers can be a challenge for any large organization managing many services across multiple departments.

Jadu's range of XFP widgets for users of Jadu XForms Professional enables you to easily expose online forms within key areas of your website, helping you to make customers aware of the online services you offer and increase their adoption.

Using Jadu's range of XFP widgets, you can bring prominence to online services/forms offered through your website and save customers time finding the services they are looking for.

XFP widgets include simple configuration options that allow you to tailor the visibility of relevant services across different areas of your website.

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Features of XFP widgets include:


  • XFP Live search - customers receive live results based on their input within the form search box - the more they type, the more relevant their results
  • XFP Category forms - display forms associated with a particular category within your website and configure the number of form titles you want to display or link to in your website/intranet
  • XFP Top forms - provide useful links to your website's most popular online forms and provide intuitive navigation to frequently requested online services
  • XFP Forms list - choose from a number of options to create and display form lists by specifying the number of forms to display in relation to a category/service area within your website
  • XFP Statistics - gather statistical reporting in relation to form questions that provide multiple choice answers, particularly useful for forms related to surveys or consultations, where customers can view data in a numeric or visual format (tables, bar graphs or pie charts)