Jadu Static Cache Single Server Edition


The static cache module will help to improve the performance of your Jadu site if the server starts to get busy.

Enabling this will tell your Jadu CMS site to start delivering static versions of your most popular pages and any other pages you specify - instead of retrieving a fresh copy from the database if the average load on your server exceed the CPU threshold for 5 minutes.

The Jadu Static Cache Single Server Edition module provides organisations with Single Server LAMP* hosted or on-premises environments significantly more resilience when a Jadu system is experiencing traffic load. Designed for use by non-technical business users and webmasters, the Static Cache Single Server Edition automates the management of dynamic content when a server is experiencing load.

You can easily set the module to automatically 'flatten' pages (such as your homepage, or specific high traffic pages) enabling much faster and more efficient delivery to the user.

Useful for spikes in traffic where there is an immediate requirement to begin 'managing' the server load process, the Static Cache Single Server Edition empowers business users to take control over systems administration in times of immediate need - negating the 'wait' time often involved in working with technical network teams to help manage load.

Why you need it

The Jadu Static Cache Single Server Edition is ideal for business users with mission critical websites to actively work with disaster recovery policies and mitigate against service interruptions related to high traffic spikes.

Key features

  • Instant disaster control management for business users
  • Provides additional website traffic capacity without incurring increased hosting costs
  • Static Caching is configured via the Jadu Control Centre in an easy to use user interface
  • Dynamic web pages can be manually pre-selected for "flattening" in the event of high traffic levels or the Static Caching module can automatically identify and cache pages based upon traffic patterns
  • The module is flexible - it can adapt as the usage of your website changes over time
  • Training in configuration from Jadu experts is included free of charge
  • Specialist expertise is not required, can be managed by business users
  • Ideal for Internet and Intranet systems

How to order

We are happy to provide a one-to-one webex for the module to tour you through the features. For demo's and ordering, please contact info@jadu.net or call Mike Govier, Chief Operating Officer on 01162227242. You can also order from MarketPlace.


Jadu Static Cache Single Server Edition is currently available for LAMP based implementations of Jadu Universe platform as it leverages technology only available in Linux, Apache technologies. We are currently roadmapping support for clustered LAMP implementations.

Requires Support Agreement Yes
CMS Version 1.12.x
Language PHP


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