Jadu Universe Data Platform


Jadu's Data Platform is an enterprise-grade solution for publishing and maintaining structured data through a non-technical interface.

Jadu's Data Platform enables the creation of repositories for structured data - 'Directories' - and allows customer generated additions/amendments through a controlled workflow. Directories can be viewable as branded webpages attached to your existing website or viewed via Weejot with a subscription to this service.

The Jadu Data Platform becomes even more powerful when used with Jadu's Weejot service (also available by subscription via G-Cloud). You can create a web-based mobile app by linking to a published Jadu Data Platform Directory from the Weejot App Studio.


£500 per month (fully managed / hosted) 

More information about Jadu Data Platform available on the Digital Marketplace 

Contact Jadu G-Cloud Sales: 

Tom Nickalls


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