XFP Forms by Category


Save time and effort informing your website visitors of forms and services relating to a specific website category by deploying this widget, which takes care of the task for you.

This widget displays forms associated with a particular category and enables you to configure the number of form titles you want to display and links website or intranet visitors direct to the displayed forms.

By deploying multiple instances of this widget you can create rich and focussed signposting to online forms across key categories of your website.

When configuring this widget the two options of ISPV taxonomy and Main taxonomy will require selection in order for forms to be displayed.

By default this widget will inherit the style of your site/homepage. Documentation to help you alter the styling of this widget, if required, is provided within the ReadMe file as part of the download.

CMS Version 1.8 and Higher
Module Version XFP 1.0 and Higher
Language PHP & .Net

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  • Created by: Jadu

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