Ready Made Forms for UK Local Government - Bundle 3


Jadu has developed a range of ready made forms that you can easily import into your Jadu XFP implementation. Targetted initially for Jadu's local government market in the United Kingdom, Jadu MarketPlace offers a range of popular local government forms focussed on frequently requested services.

Save time and effort by downloading this form pack, whether you are adding to already existing forms, filling gaps in your provision of online services or currently implementing a Jadu platform, you will be sure to find use from forms within Jadu MarketPlace. By default, the forms will inherit the style of your site/homepage.

Forms available in this bundle include:

  • Assisted Rubbish and Recycling Collection Request Form
  • Bulky Refuse Items Removal Request Form
  • Find out your Bin Collection Day Request Form
  • New Residents Rubbish and Recycling Request Form
  • Replacement or Additional Recycling Bin Request Form
  • Report a Problem with a Litter Bin or Public Recycling Bin
CMS Version 1.8 and Higher
Module Version XFP 1.0 and Higher
Language PHP & .Net

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  • Created by: Jadu

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