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With the constantly changing needs of customers accessing your web channel, task orientation is key to delivering an excellent online experience.

The Top Tasks widget provides the facility to easily publish signposts to top tasks across key areas of your website, enabling you to enhance online experiences by highlighting the areas that are most in demand by your customers and meet the new benchmarking requirements for the Better Connected 2012 report.

Based on content and information already in your Jadu platform, the top tasks widget enables you to quickly surface relevant items that are most in demand by your customers - helping you foster channel shift and increased self service through your web channel.

A focused task-based approach

Designed for implementation throughout your website, the widget helps you to achieve relevancy and focus for task related information and services.

Within the Top Tasks widget interface, three configurable tabbed headings provide the facility to link to relevant content, forms and download files.

Deploying the widget in multiple locations allows you to:

  • surface the relevant resources in relation to key areas of your website
  • provide multiple access points to top tasks
  • deliver a granular approach to task orientation

This means that your website visitors can easily find resources related to the particular area they are interested, whether that is payments, employment, benefits, housing, planning, etc.

The widget interface provides two options for configuration and management of top tasks:
  • Content - enabling you to surface pages, forms and downloads based on the category in which the item has been published.
  • Manual - enabling link titles and target URLs to be manually inputted where information or services may exist within separate websites, systems or portals.

Locality and relevance - being place and people specific

Where customer needs are shaped by local factors including geography, demography, economics and the environment, the top tasks widget enables task orientation with these considerations in mind, enabling configuration to meet the changing demands of your local society.

Based on your data, analysis and understanding of customer needs, your delivery of task orientation can be quickly updated and maintained through the top tasks widget - ensuring you can react in an agile manner to constantly improve web experiences and take up of online services.


The widget requires update and configuration of API resources to function appropriately within your Jadu platform, requiring half a day of implementation services. Further information is available within the download package or by contacting Jadu.

CMS Version 1.8 and Higher
Language PHP & .Net

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