Jadu Universe Content Migration Suite

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Whether you're starting a CMS migration or planning to consolidate separated websites into your Jadu CMS, you can now use the Jadu Universe Migration Suite to automate the content migration process.

The Jadu Universe Content Migration Suite removes the burden of migrating legacy web pages with a powerful Firefox browser extension that pushes content directly to your Jadu CMS.

You can choose content for migration from any web page using the Migration Extension's intuitive tools. It's as easy as selecting elements of a web page and and pressing a button to automatically export the page to the 'Migration Assistant' in the Jadu CMS.

The Universe Migration Assistant is an installed module that allows you to add essential metadata and refine content before publishing in the CMS. Images, links and text formatting are included as part of the migration, while compliant markup and formatting is maintained.

You can use the Universe Content Migration Suite to automate the text selection process, enabling you to migrate large areas of content more efficiently. You can then use the tools available within the Migration Assistant to make editorial changes, review links and move multimedia elements into the Jadu CMS Multimedia Library.

There are a number of content conversion options that allow you to then specify a Jadu content type for the content you are migrating, allowing you to specify migrated content to be e.g. a news item, web page or collection of web pages.

Requires Support Agreement No
CMS Version 1.12
Language PHP & .Net

Software License Agreement

The Jadu Universe Content Migration Suite includes a Migration Assistant that is an installed module in the Jadu CMS. Installing the module can be completed by your own development team or through Jadu Professional Services.

Installation and testing of the Migration Assistant requires one day of Jadu Professional Services, charged at Jadu's standard rate card.

The Migration Extension is a single user license.

The Migration Extension is developed for Firefox v12. 

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