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The Social Buttons Widget feature allows Jadu CMS templates to call the Social Media buttons provided as a service by twitter, Google+ and facebook.

  • The widget package enables inclusion of social media buttons on relevant Jadu homepages and landing pages.
  • Relevant widget code can also be inserted as snippet entries for relevant news, event information and more.

There are various configuration options relating to size, styling and features of social buttons, including:

  • referencing related twitter accounts
  • count box display and positioning (number of times page has been shared through twitter)
  • inclusion of hashtags
  • count box display and positioning
  • hover and confirmation bubble positioning (e.g. 'Publicly recommend this as your name.'
  • count box display and positioning
  • option to display profile pictures of individuals who have shared the page through the facebook network
  • standard font and colour scheme

The widget code allows tailoring of these options for different areas of your site and their content types.

Jadu can also undertake any particular customisations for you and tailor your social button preferences at a site-wide or local level. See further information, or email direct at

CMS Version Any
Language PHP & .Net

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