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Jadu Universe Forms

Advanced online forms creation and integration. Jadu Universe Forms is designed to allow the quick, cost-effective creation of self-service multi-page forms that increase take-up and promote reporting. The system allows staff to view and test the journey a customer may make while completing forms, add address verification sets such as postcodes to speed form completion and tailor emails to be sent to customers at different points during the process.

No technical skills are required to build and manage even the most complex online forms with multiple pages and form branching. All staff can now create forms that allow customers to be routed to questions specifically aimed at them based on their response to previous questions. Sophisticated management and processing tools help ensure your online forms are managed with the same robust approach as any business critical system or application, with information collected and processed through business rules that help to ensure data accuracy and efficient form processing.

Options available at IL0, IL2 and IL3.


£2000 per month (fully hosted / managed)

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