MarketPlace FAQs

How do I style my new widget?

All widgets will inherit basic styles from your main site's style sheets - however, in many cases you will need to style your widgets using CSS.

Widgets and Rupa Gadgets include some example styles in CSS for you to be able to style your widgets at a basic level. It may be tempting to make your new widget 'stand out' from the rest of the design and use colours, fonts and images that do just that, but you should always keep in mind that it needs to live in harmony with the rest of the design. Our advice is keep it simple!

If further styling is needed, you can use Jadu's experienced design team's services to design the widget or app and write the CSS required.

How do I install my widget?

Please unzip your widget package download to find installation instructions for each widget. There are also instructions in the Widget Manager section of the Jadu CMS Utilities Manual, that can be downloaded from

What version of Jadu do I need?

Widgets, Rupa Gadgets and some XFP integrated components are version specific. Please read product details carefully to ensure that products are compatible with your version of Jadu CMS, XFP or Rupa.

How can I pay for products?

You can purchase from the MarketPlace using a Purchase Order using your Jadu account OR by using a credit card through PayPal. Please see the MarketPlace Terms of Service for more information.

Is my widget supported under my existing support agreement?

Products purchased from MarketPlace are included in the cost and supported under your Jadu Technical Support and Services Agreement or Jadu Annual Support Agreement for your Jadu CMS, XFP or Rupa installation. Please see the MarketPlace Terms of Service for more information.

Can I resell widgets I make on MarketPlace?

If you write a widget, you can join the Developer program, which entitles you to list your products on MarketPlace. If you pay Jadu to develop a widget for you, it may be published on MarketPlace by Jadu as a Jadu product.

Does Jadu recommend a price point for widgets submitted by developers?

Pricing can be decided at the developer's discretion. Releasing new versions with improved functionality helps to encourage adoption and positive reviews from the Jadu community.

Can developers release widgets with similar functionality to those already listed?

Yes - Jadu vets all submitted products and decides if it adds value to the MarketPlace offering. We encourage innovation and product enhancement and do not discourage developers from writing similar products to those already available through MarketPlace.

How does Jadu safeguard against submissions where source code is derived from already existing developments?

Jadu evaluates the code of all development submissions and if it infringes Jadu's terms, the product is not listed on MarketPlace. Using products that are not purchased in MarketPlace carries a risk of invalidating the support agreement for the Jadu Platform where it has been used.